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Update Nextcloud Docker instance

March 18, 2019
nextcloud docker

Update Nextcloud Docker instance steps

This document may be used to update nextcloud instance.


  • Docker

  • Nextcloud instance

  • Linux server

  • Nextcloud data and config files in external location == Update steps

Update nextcloud Docker Image

[root@nas /opt/docker]# docker pull nextcloud
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from library/nextcloud
f7e2b70d04ae: Pull complete
744aedb7995c: Pull complete
07afe22f8a58: Pull complete
c7bf4f31c4a4: Pull complete
b528e75732cc: Pull complete
27e7d214ded2: Pull complete
894549c23c16: Pull complete
9aa6d55932b2: Pull complete
1b27fd7479e6: Pull complete
eacdac7d65c9: Pull complete
66f1bd2ad7cf: Pull complete
ee6444380c18: Pull complete
1500f6dd9b69: Pull complete
18560f19c8c4: Pull complete
bddc5d1da8e7: Pull complete
6e33450d197c: Pull complete
6f195f51537c: Pull complete
a8c28fabf19a: Pull complete
ad044e6f6c56: Pull complete
20144f3a754f: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:4c3a690b1771ba414c0a347514baae52dae3ec34feb747d5db0c4188d8462562
Status: Downloaded newer image for nextcloud:latest

Stop Nextcloud docker instance

[root@nas ~]# docker stop nextcloud

Remove Nextcloud docker instance

[root@nas ~]# docker rm nextcloud

Start Nextcloud Docker instance

[root@nas ~]# docker start nextcloud
[root@nas docker]# ./
[root@nas docker]#

Control Nextcloud Update Logs

[root@nas docker]# docker logs nextcloud
Initializing nextcloud ...
Upgrading nextcloud from ...

Final setup

Once update is finished, connect Nextcloud and check plugin app updates manually.

Some apps may have been disabled during update process.

You will have to activate them manually.

Enjoy !

Upgrade manuel de Nextcloud après une mise à jour de l'instance Nextcloud sous Docker

March 18, 2019
nextcloud docker
Vincent Gourrierec